Our Story

Velmoft is a brand dedicated to the creation of women and men apparel. Launched with the debut of the Controverse Collection, the brand’s primarily focus is to tailor clothes using natural fabrics. The collections are defined by colorful, hand painted, unique or limited edition apparel pieces.

There, somewhere in the countryside, at the grandparents’ place, the bare, muddy legs danced excitedly in the garden, dangled from cherry trees or ran around joyfully when the wooden sled, ready to fly, escaped from its nail and I wandered the streets, from morning to sunset, there... a dream was born.

A dream that has been buried somewhere for so long by daily worries, but also a dream that, by some miracle, was reborn,... not as a whim, not as a response to the things that we find at our each and every step, but as an endless desire to combine the past with the present, catching sight of a future filled with uniqueness, non-conformism, quality, femininity, color, life... a bit unusual but cherished, nonetheless...

Today, we build everything fast forward and, without noticing, wake up to find ourselves following the exact same patterns as everyone else does...

Down the street, at the office, hurried people, people like us, almost identical, the same make-up, the same haircut, the same clothing, sometimes of a quality that we do not deserve, the same haste... In this crazy rush of ours, we buy what we are offered without being able to consciously make a choice, we have "access" to what is delivered to us, without realising that there are many other things out there which are not yet discovered, we put a fairly high price on things that aren’t worth it and we offer a price too small for the ones that are actually valuable.

The clothes we wear are our business cards, and sometimes we do not get a second chance to reveal our true value.

“Controverse” is the debut collection where the pieces are bathed in color, made with natural materials, in limited or unique edition, non-conformist, painted or hand-sewn, embroidered, pieces that inspire power, courage and especially the Attitude that we need the most in the world that surrounds us!

Velmoft offers us a glimpse of Romanian air, combining the classic with the modern, bringing forward quality, novelty, uniqueness and, above all, femininity.

All stories begin with "Once upon a time", but I would like to switch My Story and begin with "It'll follow"!

Velmoft, Fashion designer